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As I was putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard as the case may be – to finally launch my first blog, I got cold feet.

Since moving to Dubai in September 2010, I’ve had countless friends and family ask me to write, to tell more about my life here, to explain what it was like to move so far away and transition to a radically different culture. With no good explanation (well, a lack of internet and a 90 hour work week were pretty good excuses), I just never got started. So imagine the week I finally put my mind to it, the framework of this blog was created, I’m wrapping my head around what kind of introduction I should make – and something happened that was startling, sobering but truly epitomized the way of life here….

Five bloggers were sent to prison for insulting the leaders of the country.  And not just for the night.  One blogger received 3 years in prison and the remaining four received 2 years each.

It was enough to make me want to unplug my laptop and cancel my internet.

Now two months later I realize it’s the perfect introduction.

This is my life in Dubai.