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It has (again) been too long since I’ve provided an update.  After my last post below – in case my frustration wasn’t evident – I decided to relocate to Abu Dhabi rather than make the daily commute from Dubai.  As much as I miss Dubai and the lifestyle, I love that I have two hours of my life back every day and I’ve eliminated the stress of that drive – it just wasn’t worth it.

So now I live in a beautiful new complex called Al Raha Beach, which is ten minutes from work and 45 minutes from Dubai Marina, and I’m loving life again.

Much has happened over the summer – I went home to Canada for a couple of weeks (far too short for such a long distance), another Ramadan has come and gone – more about that shortly, I went “Primal” – TWICE -, and I’ve even found time to check a travel item off my bucket list.

Looking forward to updating more about these.  Stay tuned.