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According to Wikipedia, the term “Going Postal” means becoming extremely and uncontrollably angry, often to the point of violence, and usually in a post office or other workplace environment.

While I am far from reaching this stage, many Dubai residents can tell you about their endless list of unusual and frustrating procedures and events that occur in the UAE when the same process is so simply in every other country.  Here is my recent example:

I wanted to mail a letter home.  I finally found a post office (the first time in my 2 years in UAE), went inside where I learned that I had to take a number and queue.  When I finally got to the counter, I was told that I could certainly buy my single stamp but they were unable to mail it for me.  At the post office.  It’s up to you to locate a post box outside and mail your letter, which not only adds an extra step for me but I think it’s safe to assume they need to hire somebody to now collect, deliver and sort this mail.

Oh, Dubai – so advanced but so archaic.